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Okay I have a confession to make. ?I’;m not a band wagon jumper. ?I know, a weird trait to have as a blogger. ?But I get all “;nervous”; when I see something getting REALLY popular…; I have a 2nd confessi...

Okay I have a confession to make. ?I’;m not a band wagon jumper. ?I know, a weird trait to have as a blogger. ?But I get all “;nervous”; when I see something getting REALLY popular…;

I have a 2nd confession to make. ?I jumped on the Chalk Art Band Wagon. I could no longer resist…;.. ?I decided it’;s a pretty good bandwagon to be riding on. ?Especially with all of the fabulous Chalk Art from Ms. Rhonna Farrer to tempt me.

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I had an idea whilst lying in bed at 2 am. ?(Being awake at 2 am the sad consequence of being sick for nearly 6 weeks straight)…;.?Why not put it on a t-shirt??? ?I LOVE to make t-shirts for my kids to celebrate events through the year. ?You can see my Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’;s &; Disney Cruise ones if you follow the links.

My youngest daughter is in middle school and this year I’;ve challenged myself to come up with projects to make for her that are more “;grown up”; and not so little girl.?? She absolutely LOVES all of the fun embellished t-shirts that are for sale now, so I thought I’;d combine some of Rhonna Designs FAB chalk art with a few fun embellishemnts.

Okayaccent pillow case baby canvas nursery, want to make one too? Here’;s how I did it.

You’;ll need:

Step One: Print you chalk art image (this one is from the Rhonna Designs Chalkboard Cheer Art Bundle)? You’;ll need to follow the instructions on your package of printable fabric. ?You need to buy printable fabric, it’;s treated so the ink from your printer will stick to the fabric. Even so, don’;t expect this to be 100% colorfast. I would recommend only washing this t-shirt in gentle cycle or hand wash, with a color catcher.

Size your art accordingly. Mine is 6×;8. If you’;re making it for a smaller child, make the art smaller, for an adult bigger- you get the idea.

Cut out the image and iron onto a t-shirt. ?Next stitch around the image. This will secure it in place. Anytime you iron something non stretchy onto a stretchy surface it’;s not going to hold very well. Stitch it down so it doesn’;t peel off later.

Next use a disappearing fabric marker and draw a frame onto your t-shirt. ? Just sketch out what you’;d like. You can trace something or even use a stencil if you like.

Now iron a piece of freezer paper to the INSIDE of your t-shirt. This will help the fabric paint not to bleed through to the other side, you’;ll also need less paint.

Now just use a foam brush and hand paint in your frame.

Use your metallic fabric paint (the one in the tube) to outline your frame. I wanted a handmade look, so I didn’;t worry about the outline being perfect.

Let it dry. Then remove the freezer paper and press the t-shirt from the INSIDE to set the paint (don’;t put the iron right on your painted surface)

Take a piece of tulle and tie a knot in it. Pin it to your t-shirt. Hand stitch it down.

Next take your flowers (mine are store bought) and your buttons and stitch them on to the t shirt over the top of the tulle.

Just a few notes:

-Handwash or Gentle Cycle wash this t-shirt with a color catcher- Lie flat to dry.

-I do not recommend sewing ANY embellishments onto a t-shirt for a baby. ?The danger of them coming off and choking is too great in my opinion.

Today I’m sharing with you a free quilting tutorial for these Patchwork Quilted Christmas Pillows made from Christmas Fabric. If you like this project you may also love this Log Cabin Quilted Pillow Tutorial.

It was 3 years ago, but somehow it feels like yesterday. We had just had Adalyn & were spending quite a bit of time at home. We couldn’t help but wonder what was beneath the layers and layers of paint on our solid wood front door. When we moved in, it was painted deep red, then we added to it by painting it a creamy green trying to make something work. It lacked warmth and after making custom wood shutters, we were compelledto restore the door to it’s natural beauty. With lots of nooks andcrannies, itwasn’tan easy task, but completely doable – andworth the effort! Keep reading to learn how to remove paint from wood…

As much as I try to convince Elli to wear the shorts/capri’s/pants that are in her drawer……….she only gives in about 15% of the time.? And I better have a really good reason to give her…….because “it’s cold out” isn’t good enough. :)? I’ve decided to give up on it.? And just let her wear a skirt/dress every single stinkin’ day if she wants to.? (Who am I kidding?? I used to come home from elementary school as a girl and put on the same twirly skirt from the costumes box and twirl in it all afternoon.? So what’s the big deal, right?)

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