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Andrea Morgan is an avid lover of interior design and properties, sharing her passions and daily experiences on her blog Trying to Balance the Madness. Andrea is a self proclaimed Rightmove addict, hence her Twitter handle, which puts...

Andrea Morgan is an avid lover of interior design and properties, sharing her passions and daily experiences on her blog Trying to Balance the Madness. Andrea is a self proclaimed Rightmove addict, hence her Twitter handle, which puts her in an ideal position to share her trend observations for this season. Her blog is a place to share her property dreams and ambitionsaccent pillow case baby canvas nursery, from exquisite interiors to the quirky, plus everything in between. Aptly she also takes pleasure in highlighting new furniture finds and design styles. She has also been featured on Rightmove, Eat Sleep Live and Property Expert. So we are pleased to share with you the creative trends of Andrea Morgan.

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- Transcript -

1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently?

I think the use of wood in general, whether it’s antique pieces up-cycled (Kensa Designs), pieces made by reclaimed wood (Eat Sleep Live) or new intriguing designs. Wood is a popular medium in many designer collections; dipped pieces have also been a key trend this year.

2) What colours are on trend right now?

My ultimate favourite is Grey in all shades from dark rich tones to light and neutral. I love the Dulux colour of the year, Copper Blush it has such a warm and luxurious feel and also works perfectly with grey. I’m also really pleased to see burnt orange and teal making an appearance.

3) What types of materials are on trend right now?

Coloured glass, especially in lighting. Brass will be the new copper, we are already seeing pieces coming through. Textiles of all textures, obviously the more luxurious fabrics at this time of year and ceramics.

4) Which of your current obsessions embodies the latest design trend?

I am totally obsessed by lighting at the moment; there is so much choice and creativity. Curiousa and Curiousa have a stunning collection of coloured glass pendants. Their beautiful pieces are the perfect accessory to any room. Bert Frank use brass in many of their pieces, the Riddle pendant design is so stylish. Tom Raffield’s Bloom Pendant is another favourite of mine. Ebb and Flow’s Pillar lamps fascinate me with its simple shape creating an elegant design.

This instructable will show you how I converted a regular king size pillow into a maternity pillow to support my belly and back, and keep me from rolling onto my back in the middle of the night.Any regular king size pillow case should still fit over this.This pillow is more for stomach support and preventing rolling than for back pain. If you have back pain, this pillow may or may not help. If your back pain is related to the weight of your stomach pulling sideways at night, this pillow might offer some relief. If it's related to hip pain, this probably won't help much. However, you can also sleep with a regular pillow (or a specialty pillow) between your knees, which can provide a lot of relief for lower back pain. I like the combination of a knee pillow and a pillow like this one, because I can still easily change from one side to the other at night, but can't roll flat on my back in my sleep. Most of the large maternity body pillows on the market, which provide knee support as well as tummy/back support, are a) quite expensive, and b) very bulky.Stomach sleepers may also be able to use a pillow like this to be able to sleep on their stomachs for a little longer. I'm just at the point where laying on my stomach isn't normally comfortable, but I can lay on this on my stomach and it supports my sides enough that there's no pressure on my baby bump.You will need :~ 1 king size pillow ("firm" is best)~ a seam ripper (or a small, pointy, sharp scissors)~ a pencil (or fabric pencil/marker)~ something to use as a straight edge~ straight pins~ cotton thread~ sewing needle or sewing machineI used a brand new (but cheap) "firm" pillow for this project. If you have an old pillow lying around that would probably work fine, but if it's really old and lumpy the end product might not be very comfortable!

We love Bunny Williams’ collected style,sowe’re always looking for ways to bring that perfectly layered look into our homes. Her new Nailhead FoldingScreenmakes it easy to add art, pattern, and purpose to an empty corner or space. We’re showing you fourways we’ve used this upholstered screen that comes in more than 200 colors!

We’ve given you the Cameo Silhouette Plaque DIY and the Cameo Silhouettes 3 Ways DIY, but now that I’m in love with mod podge I think I’ve created the easiest silhouette tutorial ever. The vintage plate makes for a beautiful frame and the whole project took about 15 minutes. This project falls into both our Under $5 and Under an Hour categories, and I think it would make a great gift, do you agree?Get the full Hanging Vintage Plate Cameo DIY after the jump…DIY Cameo on a Vintage Plate1. Assemble your materials. You needMod Podge(I used glossy), a sponge brush, a vintage plate (this one is actually new, i got it for $2 at a store called “BARGAINS” around the corner) and a picture of your subject. Measure the inside of your plate and print out the image the size you would like to be. For my salad plate I printed out my silhouette 2.5″ tall. My print out is a black silhouette because Jacinda made me one for Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter, but if you only have an actual picture that’s fine, just make sure it is a profile shot (duh) and print it out. You can visit the DIY Cameo Silhouettes 3 Ways post here for more specific details on cutting it out.

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