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Promising review: "Well, I am very impressed with this 12-inch stainless steel fry pan! It is very heavy duty and plenty deep. It is deep enough for frying chicken and fish, or even making graves or sauces. It is exactly what I was lo...

Promising review: "Well, I am very impressed with this 12-inch stainless steel fry pan! It is very heavy duty and plenty deep. It is deep enough for frying chicken and fish, or even making graves or sauces. It is exactly what I was looking for. I use it for making my healthy veggie frittata, making spaghetti sauce, even stews! This is my go to 12-inch frypan! My favorite thing is that the bottom is plenty wide, I can easily fry three large eggs in it." —Daisy S.

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Set includes: a cookie pan, two round cake pans, and a six-cup muffin pan; oven-safe up to 450oF

Promising review: "I was needing a good-quality baking set and I'm so happy I went with this one. All four pieces are great quality and I love that they match my kitchen colors. They washed up very easily by hand-washing them and food slides right off them and doesn't stick. I do wish the muffin tin was a 12-holder pan. But, overall, I am very happy with this product.” —Ten7blonde??

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Promising review: "I love this stick blender. Over Thanksgiving week with food prep for 30 people, I deployed it repeatedly. It managed every task with ease. The components clean easily. It has the power and more of my KA in its earlier years. It pureed my butternut squash to perfect smoothness. It mixed the deviled egg filling quickly and smoothly. As a test I attempted to chop my crackers for stuffing-but it powdered them quickly. Good to know. It chopped radish, celery and onion easily for an appetizer. I blended my shortening, salt, and flour for pie crust, added the water and had very fast dough ready to chill. The crust was smooth and flaky. With no hesitation, this device is a champion." —My Own Mind

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Promising review: "Heavy duty with a sleek look on the counter. The five year supply of free spices is a wonderful bonus. I highly recommend this product." —Kindle Customer

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Features: dishwasher-safe 3-ply bottom stainless steel inner pot, 12 built-in cooker programs (soup, meat/stew, cakepersonalized nursery pillows, egg, sauté, steam, rice, porridge, pressure cook, keep warm, multigrain, and slow cook), 24-hour delayed start timer, up to six times faster than standard cooking, energy efficient

Promising review: "This is the most awesome kitchen gadget ever! I love it and would recommend it to everyone. I made fall-apart pot roast in two hours instead of the seven hours my Crock Pot used to take. Perfect rice and homemade yogurt. I got rid of two slow-cookers, a yogurt maker (that sucked), a rice cooker, and a stove top pressure cooker (that also sucked). Get one of these!" —ColoradoSunshine

Check out 21 easy Instant Pot recipes from Tasty.

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Set includes: 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, and 1 tbsp measurements for the spoons; and 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1-cup measurements for the cups

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Promising review: "They are perfect! I use at least one of these every day and every time I use them, I love them more. They are non-slip and easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher. I can't believe I waited so long to buy some nice cutting boards." —TucsonTNR

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Set includes: basting spoon, slotted spoon, square slotted turner, ladle, skimmer spoon, potato masher, meat fork, spaghetti spoon, and tongs

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Promising review: "Love them...watched Tasty on Facebook and wanted to try them. Very satisfied by quality of products." —none

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Promising Review: "It's difficult to eat healthy while making time for work, leisure, and rest. Eating out a few nights a week gets expensive very fast. This little angel will put those worries behind. I was hesitant about purchasing this product. As the old saying goes, 'you get what you pay for.' This cooker will possibly save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year with quick, healthy, inexpensive dinners you can make. If you're single, this is the answer to all of your cooking woes." —Ricky

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This scale measures pounds, grams, ounces, fluid ounce, and milliliters. It comes with batteries, and has an easy-to-read screen.

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Promising review: "I love this skillet! I've used it on the stove, gas, and electric, as well as over fire outdoors. I've owned it for eight months now, and it still looks as new as it did eight months ago. Make sure to research how to clean your cast-iron cookware and always heat them up to evaporate any surface moisture after cleaning before oiling. I've made many different foods in this, Utica greens, bacon, eggs, steak, pizza...etc. and all of it has come out perfect. I would say I would buy this again, but I see this skillet lasting forever!" —Tinkerman

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Set includes: 1.5-quart, a 3-quart, and a 5-quart bowl

Features: non-slip bottoms and measurements etched on the inside; lids; spouts for easy pouring.

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Set includes: 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch serrated bread knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 7-inch santoku knife (the Japanese version of a chef knife), 6.5-inch serrated utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, and protective guards for each knife

Read our full review of these knives here.

Promising review: "I bought a set of these knives for my granddaughter who was setting up an apartment after living in a dorm. I was not expecting much, but the reviews were good and if the knives were no good, there wasn't much lost. But when she unwrapped them, I was impressed. The different sizes were perfect for a first set of knives, and the blades were extremely sharp. This set is a heck of a good deal for the money spent." —Velho

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Promising review: "I gotta say this is the best sharpener I ever bought in my whole life. I got it today and brought it to work. I work at a Japanese restaurant as a sushi chef and I sharpened it at work, and wow my knife was sharp like a samurai sword! Even my coworkers were surprised and asked me to order one for them. Thanks for the product!" —Rodrigo

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Set includes: large 4-cup, medium 2-cup, and small 1-cup

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Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

Promising review: "Love it! Now all my cookies, biscuits, pie crusts, etc. will no longer be 'wonky'. Uniform thickness across the board. Love how easy it is to adjust. Just swap out the rings. The stainless steel is wonderful and even has measurements on the rolling pin itself. Came with a mat!" —Traci Hall

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Promising review: "I love the way this Dutch oven cooks. This product keeps the heat in so well I can cook at a lower temp. The Dutch oven saves time and money. The food you prepare will be delicious; the meat will be tender, the flavors in your food will be enhanced. I used to love using my slow cooker. Since I got my Dutch oven I have not used the slow cooker. The Dutch oven will make you look like a pro. I am an experienced cook, this baby makes me look like a galloping Gourmet. Le Creuset is perfection, worth the money. Enjoy your cooking, you will love it!!!" —D. Cederquist

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Promising review: "I bought this as a present for my brother. He received it last Monday and has pretty much used it everyday. He has baked, sautéed, and fried in it. He said that it was the best forever gift that he had ever gotten. I am thinking about getting a smaller one for myself." —Amazon Customer

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Promising review: "This is one of the best kitchen tools I've ever bought. Super-easy to use, and it takes up very little space. You will love how effectively this tool does its job. I use it to chop ingredients for salsa. I can fit a whole large onion in this chopper if I need too. No more watery eyes to deal with! It is also easy to clean — I just washed it off at the sink. Use care with the removable spindle which contains three blades, which are quite sharp." —Travel_Quest

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Promising review: "I am very pleased with this butcher block! It was nicely packaged, which is great if you are considering giving this as a gift, perfect for a housewarming or wedding. It also comes with care instructions, which I appreciate. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The built-in handles are a thoughtful touch. This product can be used for multiple purposes.; cutting board, serving platter, etc. I will be proudly displaying this in my kitchen when not in use. I plan to purchase this product several times over to give as gifts!" —Christina

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